When your way of Life turns into a Profession and your Profession becomes the way to your happiness...you have taken the right way. Yes, this is me- satisfied and optimistic, positive and happy, always with a smile on my face, loving the 'walks' in the World of Photography. My name is Lazarina Karaivanova and I have three lovely kids, two boys and a girl and in their eyes I am simply 'mammy' but to them this word means the World! I love new encounters, new surprises, I adore children and I love to build new friendships, I love the memories, I also love the future, but most of all I love to capture all those little things in my work. I am impatient to capture your moments of today that will "WOW" your hearts tomorrow! The Sixth Sense Art Photography provides creative, artistic and beautiful photography. Contact us via email: [email protected] or call us on 07555790923.